Tailer 1'43'' from 7'26''

8mm film 


The river is in an open and flowing state, which is an ideal metaphor. Living in a fragmented world, our hearts increasingly wander restlessly. In the postmodern era, people are destined to be decentralized and fragmented and thus continue to "flow". I have tried to come to some understanding of the distance, positioning, reality and illusion of human things by using a fluid approach.

In this film essay, I shuttle between London, China and Los Angeles. The scenes are organized by the main line of my thinking, resulting in a potential narrative. The body wrapped in protective clothing, the isolation in the air: everything is cutting people's intimate contact. People have started an escape journey. Escape has also become the beginning of thinking. My consciousness wanders between the daily life of the past, the great social changes of the present, and the situation of humanity in the future. Flashbacks to the past make me dizzy. All this is like a deep, turbulent river that cannot be grasped by the hand. When the pendulum of order suddenly stops, people escape and wait in terror. Can we define absence and presence in the gloom of life and the digging of graves? This vertigo floods my life, my thinking and my shooting.

The film does not follow chronological time, but interleaves the past, the present and the implied imagination of the future. 8mm film, as a medium, brings a chaotic sense of time to contemporary scenes. People cannot accurately identify whether these scenes are memories or present-day occurrences.